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Frequently Asked Questions

What documents must be filled to send cargo abroad?

Bill of Lading. (AWB) If the consigment is not a document a commercial invoive is required.

Who fills the bill of lading?

It is filled by the sender with a wet signature.

Is there a weight limit for the consignments we receive?

The weight of a single package should not exceed 70 kg.

Is it possible to transport liquid and chemical materials by express service?

Transporting liquids and chemicals without an MSDS certificate is prohibited.

What is micro export?

It is a customs declaration which is issued electronically by express carriers, that is express cargo operators in Import and Export.

What is the limit for micro export (ETGB)?

Shipments up to 300 kg and worth up to 15,000 Euro.

What documents should be prepared by the customer for ETGB consignments?

Turkish Invoice approved by the Ministry of Finance, Bill of Lading, Proforma (Invoice in English)

What are certificates of free circulation?

A.TR, EUR1, Form A.

What is an A.TR certificate?

It is a certificate issued by the exporter in accordance with the Customs Union agreement signed between Turkey and the European Community to benefit from customs exemptions within the scope of the free movement of exported goods.

What is the limit for consignments to be sent abroad as samples?

Consignments up to 150 kg and worth up to 7500 Euro.

What is a certificate of origin?

It is a document stating the origin of the products subject to international trade. It is a document approved by the local chambers of commerce or industry of which the exporting company is a member.

What is the limit for consignments to be exported abroad?

Consignments up to 300 kg and worth up to 15.000 Euro.

What is a Desi (Volumetric Weight) calculation? When is it used?

Desi=(Width * Length * Height)/5000
It is a word that means volumetric weight. This weight is manifested when the three dimensions of any package, parcel or body (width, length, height) cm are multiplied with each other and divided by 5000. If the weighbridge weight of the cargo is smaller than the desi weight the consignment is processed according to desi weight.

What documents must be prepared by the customer for export consignments?

Turkish Invoice approved by the Ministry of Finance, Bill of Lading, Proforma, Commercial Invoice, Loading Instructions, Exporter Security Form

What is a Bill of Lading?

This document is also known as International Air Transportation Certificate and it contains all kinds of information about the commercial transaction, including information about the loader and the receiver. It is also called an AWB Air Waybill.

What procedures are applied to cargo that will be sent abroad at INTER Operations Center?

Invoice control, Packaging adequacy / robustness control, Measurement / weighing, Document control

Prohibited Substances

Firearms and all kinds of arms components



Pornographic Materials

Live and inanimate animals

Human or Animal Ashes

Dangerous Goods / Hazardous Substances

Easily Perishable Food Products

Ivory and Ivory Products

Animal Skins (Unprocessed)

Substances of Exceptional Value (Antiques, Artworks, etc.)

Mortal remains

For further information and exceptional circumstances please call 0850 644 6837.